Google DFP and Google Ad Exchange: A Programmatic Tale

Screenshot taken from "The Future of Advertising" by Daniel Alegre

Screenshot taken from “The Future of Advertising” by Daniel Alegre

I wrote this post for ArchDaily’s internal wiki soon after leaving the company, I been asked many times about my experience managing the ArchDaily inventory that I decided to make this post public.

Google Ad Exchange (Adx from now) it’s considered a premium version of Google AdSense, only offered for Google to publishers with more than 5mm page views per month. Adx it’s a programmatic advertising sales platform which connects ad networks, digital agencies, advertisers and publishers giving the chance to maximize ROI across millions of sites, in real time.

Trade Me Customer Service: A Love history

I’m very obsessed with customer service in any format. Chile, the country where I come from, has the worst customer service I’ve been through, and I’ve traveled quite a bit. In my working life I have always tried to put myself in the customer (or user to be more politically correct) to deliver the best experience, hence my interest in the UX field.