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Set of random stickers I have designed and printed over time, now I decided to put them together and sell them as a pack. Each pack contains one of each.

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A brief explanation of each sticker

  • Panda Punk: Not much to say, my most loved piece of design work.
  • Gratitude is the attitude: Trippi holographic sticker to remind us to be grateful.
  • The Medium is the message: A couple of years ago, when Medium just appeared, pretty much everyone at work was quoting articles from Medium as if Medium was the ultimate source of truth. So I made this sticker to make a point during meetings by pointing at it on my computer when someone said “I read a Medium article…”
  • I’m Loving Awareness: A small tribute to Ram Dass, that phrase resonates with me and I wanted to share it with the world. Look at the tiny mushrooms!

Price in New Zealand Dollars.

Shipping for New Zealand $3 NZD – Shipping for the rest of the world $4 NZD


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