November 2019 – March 2022

Projects Xero Me, Xero Contacts, Workflow Max, Xero Projects, Xero Inventory & Purchase Orders and Xero Expenses
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Press Enjoy better visibility of your contacts in Xero, Introducing expense claims in Xero Me
Role Product Design Director
Team Richard, Cam, Ray, Rich, Laura, Pauline, Lauren, Bear, Fran, Jana, Phil, Jess, Staci, Lena, Stephen, Lauren, Chahat

Description As a Product Design Director for Xero’s Business Products Portfolio, I’m leading a group of design teams to build solutions for Small Businesses around the world. My role involves defining the strategic product design direction of our products, partnering with engineering, product, marketing, research and data teams, and more importantly supporting the design practice across the portfolio.

As a member of the Design Leadership Team, I’m also involved in the strategy and tactics to recruit, nurture, and retain design talent.


June 2017 – November 2019

Projects Onboarding, Custom site visit checklists & Customised Forms
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Role Head of Design
Team Dan, Jordan, James, Sam, Julia, Cristina, Micka

Description During my three years at Fergus, I ramped up the design operations creating a UX team from scratch, my first piece of work was an onboarding project that ended up increasing (and maintaining) a 7% month on month conversion rate. We achieved that by creating a task-based onboarding workflow where we allowed trialists to use their trial account for real projects from the start.

After the initial launch of our new onboarding experience, the most logical next step was to improve the overall User Experience of Fergus to reduce churn and reduce Customer Support tickets. We embarked on a very comprehensive UI audit that was the foundation of K9, the design system of Fergus that would become the foundation of a more consistent and easy to deploy User Experience. While one of the team members was auditing the UI components, another Designer was collating and categorizing years of customer support tickets to define and prioritize the most critical workflows to be fixed. This wasn’t a small project, and the design team spent about 6 months almost exclusively focusing on this project, which was delivered in 3 stages over 1 year, we had a dedicated engineering team delivering improvements every week, customers were thrilled.

In my final year at the company, I focused my efforts on fostering a product-led spirit in the engineering team, helping the CTO to create a Product Team from scratch. This helped us to understand and prioritize opportunities better. During that time we focused our efforts on understanding the Australian market to increase our reach. The result of this initiative was Checklists and Forms, a bundle of functionalities specially designed to help Small and Medium Trade Businesses to optimize their operations and reduce paperwork around legislation and compliance.

Orion Health

May 2015 – June 2017

Projects WCAG Compliant Design System for Microsoft WPF. Visit Manager.
Case study WIP
Press: Orion Health Enterprise Boosts Hospitals Operational Efficiency
Role Senior Interaction Designer
Team Michael, Victoria, Claire, Martin, Suphawat, Alex, Brendon, Sakchai, Richard, Erem

Description As a Senior Interaction Designer at Orion Health, I was leading the design and research for our PAS (Patient Administration System) solution collaborating with product teams in Bangkok and Christchurch. Our system was deployed across public and private health organizations around the world, particularly in Central and Southeast Asia.

A couple of my favourite projects were: a complete overhaul of our Design System to make our software ADA & WCAG compliant, and the development of our Visit Manager, a centralized Patient Visit workflow to optimize efficiency and integrity of patient data.


August 2010 – March 2015

Projects ArchDaily Materials, ArchDaily Mediakit, ArchDaily.com Redesign.
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Role Head of Design
Team David A., David B., Guille, Nico, Sebastian, Gustavo, Felipe, Fiorentina, Cristian, Fernando, Rodrigo

Description I joined the team as the first designer, leading new product initiatives across different verticals. After only 2 years I was leading a team of 3 designers, one Front End Developer, and one Media Designer. I worked closely with the leadership team to unlock new revenue-generating opportunities.

I optimized the display advertising model, resulting in a 33% increase in revenue by applying good practices and also understanding programmatic advertising agencies. I led the strategy, research, and development of Materials, ArchDaily’s game-changing architecture specification platform.

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