Good People

— Ben Barry – Designer behind the Little Red Book & the Analog Super Research Lab in Facebook
— Meagan Fisher – Good articles and nice interface design
— Jessica Hische – Awesome lettering, type design and interesting articles

User Experience Design & Research

— 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design – Never forget!
— How bad UX killed Jenny – How bad UX can lead to fatal results
— UX is a canary on a coal mine – How is the relationship between CEO and their expectations of their design team and vice-versa
— UX Methods and deliverables – A very comprehensive list of UX deliverables
— The Usability Counts UX Resume Template And Career Guide – Classic repository about the UX profession
— What is the difference between UX Design and Service Design? – Interesting discussion about this two disciplines.
— User experience design is not what you think – Great article focused on the return of UX and how it overlaps with Customer Service Experience.
— Four Things Working at Facebook Has Taught Me About Design Critique – How to get the most of critique on the design process.
— Lean UX: Getting Out Of The Deliverables Business – The best article on Lean UX I’ve seen so far, describing the UX process inside a lean envoriment. Lean UX Is Not Lazy UX.
— How to become a UX Designer at 40 with no digital or design experience! – Good article on how to get started in UX.

User Interface / Interaction Design

— Inside Design Series by Invision – Awesome series of Insights with design teams of interesting projects.
— Ask Me Anything series by GrowthHackers – Awesome series of Insights with interesting people.
— Interaction Design Principles by Bruce Tognazzini – The basics revisited.
— The Essential Usability Checklist for web apps – Basic usability checklist by the Invision guys.
— Survey Questions and Answer Types – The most comprehensive article about surveys I’ve found around.

Style Guides

— Medium Style Guide – Very detailed and insightful document about the job done by Teehan and Lax for Medium.
— BBC Gel – The portal for the Global Experience Language.
— Yale University Style Guide – Yale’s University Style Guide.
— Website Style Guide Resources – All about Style Guides.
— Front-End Dev guidelines – Great documentation on Front End specific issues.
— Frontify – Software for Style Guides documentation.
— Airbnb Design – Airbnb design blog.
— IBM Design Language – IBM User experience guidelines.

Front End Frameworks

— Tachyons – Fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces
— UIKit -A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces
— Bootstrap -HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web
— Foundation – Responsive front-end framework


— Quick reminder about file paths – Quick explanation on file paths, very handy
— User Interface elements – Good UI frameworks, explains names conventions and it has also code snippet available
— Sketch App Sources – Many Sketch Up Resources
— Sketch App Talk – Sketch Forum
— Fonts In Use – Many different typefaces in web-use
— Dans Tools – Different interesting tools including a typesetting one
— 15 Macbook Pro Mockups – Very well done Macbook mockups


— How to Translate a WordPress Theme – Well, very straight forward

Culture & Work

— The Essential Guide for Preparing a Design for Coding – Great article to improve working relationship between designers and developers
— On the dark art of software estimation – Good article to understand how software development works when it comes to estimate timings and effort
— 5 Key Trends In Design Leadership – Good article on how to lead innovation through design
— The most common marketing mistake startups make – Interesting article about how to make the most out of Marketing efforts
— Everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong – Getting real in online marketing
— Hardware is hard: How we built a hardware startup with two engineers and some free time – Good lessons about building an app with less

Design Inspiration

— Aisle One – Brand design inspiration.
— I (L) Typography – News and thoughts regarding typography.
— Ministry Of Type – Fine design work.
— Brutalist Websites – Brutalism is actually something in web design.

Quora Bites

— How do you use scenarios after user stories have been created on the backlog in an agile environment? – How to develop an MVP from User Stories and Scenarios.
— Are there documented UX processes for dealing with full site redesigns in an Agile environment? – Similar to the above.