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A/B Testing

In A/B testing, you unleash two different versions of a design on the world and see which performs the best. For decades, this has been a classic method in direct mail, where companies often split their mailing lists and send out different versions of a mailing to different recipients. A/B testing is also becoming popular on the Web, where it’s easy to make your site show different page versions to different visitors.
—Taken from Putting A/B Testing in Its Place @ Nielsen Norman Group

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User Behavior AnalyticsClick pads, Engagement Rate
Business AnalyticsActive users, Conversion rates, Lifetime Value, Retention, Churn
Performance AnalyticsLoad time, Uptime
Operational CostsStorage, Hosting
Marketing CostsCustomer Acquisition, Cost of Sales
Sentiment AnalyticsNPS, Customer Satisfaction, SurveysArticle: Everything you need to know about sentiment analytics